Speak with integrity

Gossip. Casual or unconstrained conversation about other people, generally involving details that are not necessarily true.

Yet, people entertain gossip. Moreover, they tend to embellish and exaggerate the matter, before passing it on to others !

Why attend to such hearsay?

Is it our business to talk about others? What productive purpose could such activity serve ?

Of course, people will talk. Because that’s what they do. We have speech. We have language. And it must be put to some use.

Can we not just tweak this a bit?

Create a constructive wave of positive dialogue? Chit and chat, praise and honour others, applaud their efforts, empower their achievements.

Talk about the little things we can bring meaning into our lives. Polish out those rough edges within ourselves, before we point our fingers.

Pay no attention to hearsay. Remember, what others think about you is none of your business. For what goes around comes around.  

Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean.” – Miguel Ruiz

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