A Father’s Fears

Today, albeit secretly, I am also hopeful. Tomorrow should be better than today. That all the children of this world should have dreams which they can fulfill. Into that freedom …

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Today I am afraid of sending my child to school
Not knowing what she will learn
From books that oft teach false gospels
From teachers who know no better

Today I am afraid of taking her to a place of worship
Not knowing whom she will bow to
The all-conquering god of rampant consumerism
Or the insecure, intolerant one who rejects all others

Today I am afraid of sending her down to play
Not sure of who lurks, hidden in the shadows
Waiting to end her innocence
And make her age faster than nature ever intended

Today I am afraid of the boy whom she will marry
Not because of the family he comes from
But whether beneath his cloak of sensitivity
Is hidden violence, bigotry or misogyny

Today I am afraid of waking my child each morning
Lest her dreams get interrupted
And she rises not to the glorious, benevolent…

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