Mother, the essence

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” – Abraham Lincoln

A timeless subject for poets across cultures, across ages. Mother, the essence. For continuity of life as we know it.

We know that knowledge and wisdom is propagated through the teacher – disciple connect. The mother – child connect is far deeper. This relationship lasts lifelong. It’s deeper than a bond. And more often than not, words fail to touch the deep essence of the connections.

J.K. Rowling related this as a protective shield which stays with Harry throughout. But isn’t it true for every mother in every form? The one entity in the universe who cannot ever think anything wrong for her children.

We owe her everything! But, we take this for granted. No ?

Then there is mother earth. Our living mother, from which arise all living creatures on this planet.

We owe her everything! But, we take this for granted. No?

Once this is established, we should also understand that all consciousness ( souls ) arise from one singular entity. Somewhere in this vast universe  trillions of stars and planets. Every galaxy, every star, every planet, every speck of dust. The one entity which is mother to everything. How can that entity ever think of anything wrong for us. Whom we sometimes refer as God. But we never realise what is God.

We owe her everything! But, we take this for granted. No?

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